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" Nine centuries of legends ... "


In the year 272 AD, Joânna is still a child, when her
tribe, the Wittuves, abandon their dear Bornholm island.

In the year 1181 AD, Joânna, is true protector of the
Dun hill, representative on earth of the faillettes,
local fairies,  last great priestess of the mountain;
she withdraws, as her mission is accomplished.

During these nine centuries, a fascinating fate takes
shape., inspired by the true character of Joânna,
a mythical heroin, who saved the population during a
terrible battle in the old village La Chapelle-sous-Dun.

At the same time, this saga traces the extraordinary
story of the Dun country, its invincible fortress,
which the future King Philippe Auguste reduces to
ashes and ruins, in summer 1181.

At last, this is a moment where several civilizations
meet, and in particular two gothic tribes, Wittuves
and Taifales, in the Eduan country - now South
Burgundy - under Rome’s dominance.
From their union, an amazing achievement was completed.
The Brionnais country is the proud heird of this alliance.
Rejoy to enter the underworld of Dun. This is a rare
privilege, only granted to the greatest earlier,
Ragnobert the saint, and Joânna the vertuous."


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