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www.qntal.de Qntal is a German band, which could be defined as an avantgarde medieval music band, innovating and with an unique sound and approach. They are astonishingly little known in my mind, in comparison to the quality of their artistic production and their enormous talent. Their music is the unexpected meeting of medieval music with dark wave, electro sounds enlightened by a crystal voice. Very much inspired by lyrism and tradition of fin’amor in the texts they choose, it seems that each of their new album is better than the previous one. I find their latest one, Silver Swan absolutely fantastic. In my mind, the video of the main track (Von den Elben”), the graphics and harmonious atmosphere spread in that latest album reproduce elements of the Flanders influence of the 14th century, when Flanders belonged luckily to the Dukes of Burgundy…   
Medieval texts in latin, “hochdeutsch”, catalan or “langue romane” are well expoited and captured by a marvellous voice, Sigrid Hausen’s voice alias Syrah. The other two members of the band, Philip Groth and Michael Popp (also member of a dark wave band called Deine Lakaien), play an equally important part, and have succeeded to find original sounds. I recommend in particular the last three albums, of which some songs are master pieces: “Entre moi et mon amin” and “Am morgen fruo” on the third album “Tristan”, “Amis Raynaut”, “Levis”, “Von der Elben” and “Altas undas” on the fifth album “Silver Swan”.

www.contes-irlandais.com is the site of my partner in the project, Jérôme Poupinet, who is very fond of irish culture. His homepage is really worth to see (and hear!). Both untertaining and educative.

www.mauricedantec.com site about the over talented French writer, whose freedom of thought cost him to leave France .

www.netbourgogne.com very complete site about Burgundy, its history, its famous people, its expressions, and above all its fantastic wines!

www.chateau-de-dree.com Site on the superb château de Drée near Dun in South Burgundy, in a lovely area. South Burgundy’s Sanssouci, to give you an idea…





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